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Akashic Soul Knowledge and Healing Therapies

Harness the powerful transformative knowledge of your Soul to create a life full of Power and Purpose.

Divine Blueprints offers personalized 1:1 sessions, Group Programs and Healing Modalities to assist people in unlocking their True Soul potential through Soul Alignment.

These services are allowing more people to understand and experience their Souls' Creative Power and Purpose that is waiting to be harnessed so they can express their True Divine Essence in this playground we call Life.

What we do...

Divine Blueprints take pride in delivering Consciousness, Soul Knowledge and Multi-Dimensional Healing to all our clients so they can live their most Extraordinary Life. Aligning the Mind, Body and Soul through Akashic Readings, Meditation and Holistic Therapies. 

We offer range range of services, 1:1 Sessions, Group Programs, Sacred Healing Circles as well as Sacred Soul Seminars for all our clients to participate in. 

We uphold the knowledge that every client is a Divine Being, fully empowered through Free Will to create their own human experience. At Divine Blueprints, we work together with our clients to empower them to make their own positively aligned choices to create an abundant physical experience.

What is Soul Alignment?

Soul Alignment is powerful, enlightening and transformative. It provides our clients with the Soul Knowledge needed to shift their consciousness, allowing them to positively align with their True Soul Essence and Soul Traits, that are uniquely Theirs'. Just like a fingerprint, no two Blueprints are the same.

This knowledge can assist you with Soul understanding, uncover lifetimes of negative karma, trauma and resistance and can help you develop deep awareness of the positive actions and practical steps needed to create a dynamic shift in your life. Learning the specific negative choices that were made to create these patterns at their origination allows these negative patterns to shift out of our Souls' vibration, clearing the Negative Karmic Pattern at root choice. 


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Divine Goddess Alignment Program

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Divine Goddess Alignment

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Wednesday @11am

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Sacred Womens Circle

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In 2021 we will be back in person doing Sacred  Women's circles in the 

North Brisbane region

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Step into Your Divinity Program

Our next program

Step into Your Divinity

is starting on the 


Monday @ 11am

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