Divine Blueprints

1:1 Soul Alignment Sessions

Need direction and clarity on your current path. Are you seeking guidance and understanding on current circumstances going on in your life? Have you ever wondered what your Soul purpose is? Do you want to create a better, more joyful abundant life?

The 1:1 Soul Alignment sessions are powerful, enlightening, and transformative and will give you the Soul Knowledge needed to shift your consciousness, positively aligning yourself with your True Soul Essence through choice. The knowledge accessed will allow you to develop an awareness of your Soul Essence and the Soul Traits that are uniquely yours. This modality can assist you with soul understanding, answering lifelong questions you may have and can help you develop awareness to the actions, both consciously and practical needed to create a dynamic shift in your life.

This information is channeled, by connecting to your individual Akashic Record and your higher self. All information channeled is specific to the multi-dimensional healing that is required for each individual to step into true alignment with their Soul Traits and to allow each person to shift and dissolve recurring cycles of resistance and lack.

Gain powerful and practical insights into your Soul Origin and Soul Traits to align yourself back to your True Soul Nature. You are then able to, by aligned choice, harness this powerful knowledge received to create a life full of power and purpose by stepping into a whole new level of consciousness.

What is included:

• Pre-session discussion - designed to gather important information need to access the Akashic Records on the client’s behalf – ½ hr

• Soul Alignment Session – 1 ½ hr. session to deliver information received and to go through all aspects of the individuals Soul Story via Zoom and a recording will be supplied on completion

• A personalized Energy Transmutation Meditation to anchor the changes into the subconscious and other resources as required

• Post session – 7 days of email access for any follow up questions 

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