Divine Blueprints

Divine Blueprints

Hi.. My name is Tamatha...

Tamatha is a Soul Alignment Coach and holds a Diploma in Holistic Counselling and a Community Services certificate 

Who We Are...

Divine Blueprints was founded after many years of helping people unlock their true Soul potential. Its founder has been aligned and connected for many years to the Akashic Records and Angelic Realms, assisting others to gain knowledge and understanding of their Soul and helping them shift negative Soul memory situations so they could experience a more abundant life.

A few years ago, after witnessing the results so many people had achieved using the practical and easy methods, Divine Blueprints was launched to offer these services to the greater public allowing more and more people to have access to the services provided. Since then, Divine Blueprints has grown to service hundreds of clients from around the world, helping them step into a more joyful, creative and abundant life.

Through Akashic Soul knowledge, Multi-Dimensional healing coupled with channelled meditations and Holistic approaches, clients everywhere have seen powerful transformations and developed their own awareness of their unique Divine Soul essence.

Why choose me to help you with your Soul Alignment?

Your life was supposed to be a joyful, loving and creative experience...

We are all incarnated on this planet to -

  • Create and experience our Souls' own creative power in this physical reality. This planet was chosen as an experimental playground, a special dimension where Souls could incarnate into dense physical bodies to create and experience their unique creative abilities that are in our nature of Divine Energetic Beings.
  • Express ourselves in the "Oneness" that our physical bodies allow. Our dense physicality on this 3rd dimension assists in  complete separation of others, giving ourselves the freedom of choice, action and experiences that this planet was designed for.
  • Harness our intuitive abilities that are innately ours and to enjoy the physical experience of using them in this reality. We are all capable of seeing, hearing and feeling what is not physically around us, its in our Blueprint. Experiencing these abilities in this reality is something completely different in than other dimensions.
  • Embrace the joy, love and abundance that this amazing experience has to offer all of us that have chosen to incarnate into this experimental playground we call earth.

We are now, more than ever hearing about the Ascension of the planet, the arrival of a new era of this world we live in. However, I believe it to be a restoration and implementation of the original Blueprint, the beautiful playground this planet was originally designed to be, I see it as the return of the Light Age.

What makes me so confident to say this...

I am a Blueprinter. A Blueprint Deliverer to be exact... So let me explain a little,

We have all heard about Star Seeds, Soul groups, and Mission Realmers right?? So, there is a particular group of Star Seeds that are responsible for this whole experience on this planet and many other planets in their time too. They are the Blueprinters. You may have heard of them, or maybe not?? 

These Blueprinters were responsible for the entire concept of this physical reality. There are Blueprinters incarnated today, like me, that are still trying to restore the original blueprints of mankind and of this beautiful planet. Blueprinters are karmically tied to their creation, Earth, were the first Soul Group to incarnate here and have an important role to play in the evolution of its consciousness.

The most conscious gift all Blueprinter Souls have, and bring to this physical dimension, is well, the detailed intuitive understanding of the originally intended Blueprint. And although like other Souls, most are incarnated with the same "veil" of unconscious awareness, all of these souls have a strong Soul Memory of what this planet was designed for and have the desire to bring this knowledge back into everyone's experience, the way it was intended from the original Blueprint.

I have assisted many people access their own Soul Blueprint, so they can consciously choose to dissolve their negative Karmic patterns of present and past lives and start to live life as it was intended, full of joy, love, creativity and abundance.

Let me help you access and understand your Soul Essence and unique creative abilities too.

What others have experienced....

​"Thank you so much Tam, for your reading. It has left me feeling very loving and tender towards myself. You have put my life into perspective and the healing process is underway. You are an amazing and very caring Being of Light. I'm so grateful for the time you spent to bring me love and understanding. I have not stopped raving about your amazing gift. Thank you, Thank you, Thankyou​"

Camellia S. 

NSW, Australia

"As a spiritually-focused person, for YEARS I've excavated deep wounds / beliefs / patterns, making valuable headway, but things were still sluggish in a few areas. Despite looking under all the rocks / cleansing / clearing / charging, I wasn't making the gains I know are possible. Enter Tam. Her insights, focus and dedication to the work are just incredible. The amount of time and energy she invested in exploring what's under the hood with my path is unlike any other healing session I've received - anywhere, ever. The nuggets she's shared, the intentions for rewriting old stagnant patterns, clearing what no longer serves.....so much healing and revealing. I'm eternally grateful and can't recommend her services high enough. I feel greater lightness (freedom!) and understanding for my path ahead. As new chapters emerge, I will certainly be back!"

Nikki B.

Florida, USA

"At my time in life, I thought that nothing would change, I had always struggled and put it down to that's the way things are for me. I had heard about these Soul Alignment services that Tam offered through my daughter, and with her persuasion I had a reading. Well I was amased, to say the least. Not only did the reading reveal so much, the resources and advice that Tam offered has really helped me to turn my life around. The detail and depth of the information was mind-boggling and so accurate. I took onboard everything she said and now my life is going in a completely new direction. I'm loving it! Without  that reading I received, I would still be in my old life, surviving not LIVING. Thank you Tam, your gifts are invaluable to this world. Keep sharing your beautiful talent.​"

Belinda A.

Dagenham, London, UK

"Honestly, I wasn't into these spiritual things, but my girlfriend made me do it. I had never heard of the Akashic records before so I was skeptical. But OMG! I was blown away by the detailed information, the clarity and depth. Not only did it reveal the reasons behind my inner doubts (stuff I hadn't told anyone) but also gave me the knowledge to be able to shift my life to a whole new level. I can honestly say that by doing this work I have created so much more passion and drive in my life. The direction is clear, and I'm creating my Life the way I want with so much ease. I went back to Tam for guidance on my future, a future probable reading and it has revealed the steps to take to get where I want to go. 

All I can say is, I'm a Believer!! This stuff really works, I'm living the proof everyday. Thank you Tam, your guidance has been priceless."

Adrian C

QLD, Australia