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Frequently Asked Questions...

Because Soul Alignment sessions are very different to other types of readings, including tarot, here are some of the most frequently asked questions that have been asked over the years. If a question isn't here, feel free to send us a email through our contact page and we will be happy to answer.

What is Soul Alignment?

Soul Alignment is powerful, enlightening and transformative. It provides our clients with the Soul Knowledge needed to shift their consciousness, allowing them to positively align with their True Soul Essence and Soul Traits, that are uniquely Theirs'. Just like a fingerprint, no two Blueprints are the same.

This knowledge can assist you with Soul understanding, uncover lifetimes of negative karma, trauma and resistance and can help you develop deep awareness of the positive new actions and practical steps needed to create a dynamic shift in your life. Learning the specific negative choices that were made to create these patterns at their origination allows these negative patterns to shift out of our Souls' vibration, clearing the Negative Karmic Pattern at root choice.

Soul level information is channeled from the clients individual Akashic Record, existing within the fifth dimension and above of every Souls' vibrational existence. Because the Akashic Records, an energetic database, it holds a detailed record of every choice we have ever made, from Soul Origination through to the present and also holds the energetic frequencies of probable futures, detailed Soul level information can be collected and this knowledge can then assist the client in taking actionable steps towards their Alignment.

Without Knowledge there is no way of Change.

Soul Alignment gives you the Knowledge to assist you in positive Change.

What is a Soul?

Our Soul is an Energetic Being, a Unique expression of Divine Source. Our Soul exists on all 10 dimensional levels of existence and has its own memory and level of vibration. Our Soul can never cease to exist, it will continue to choose a path of creation to express its own reality. Our Soul will always choose its incarnation, from their name, birth, family down to the place of which they were born, so to express themselves in different experiences.

What is an Aligned Choice?

Because each Soul is different, a completely unique expression of Divine Source, Aligned Choices are very individual to each Soul. What may be a positive choice for others may not be a positive choice for you. Positive Aligned choices are choices that are congruent with our own Divine Soul Traits and Essence.

Positive New choices by each client are at all times recommended for the client to have real change in their lives.

What are the Akashic Records?

The Akashic Records are an energetic database, existing within the 5th Dimension and beyond. It holds detailed records of each and every Soul, from its Origination through to the present and also the probable future outcomes of that Soul through the current choices made.

Because there is no Linear Time in these upper dimensions, information from past, present and probable futures can be accessed at the same time.

How our own Misalignment can effect our Life experience?

Because we are all Unique individual Divine Beings with different Soul Traits and Essence, we can experience Misalignment in various ways. The most notable way this can be physically experienced is through a sense of Lack or Resistance in our lives. Recurring patterns of self-sabotage, feelings of low self-worth and even that on-going feeling that everything is an effort. Troubles with communication, self-drive and ambition, feelings of misplacement, disillusioned and even disempowerment can all be physical manifestations of being out of alignment with our own Divine Essence and Blueprint. By gaining knowledge of your Souls' energetic traits, understanding what negative restrictions, limiting beliefs and Karma your Soul Memory has upheld, you can consciously clear, dissolve and release these patterns and move back into Alignment, by choice and positive action, with who you are as a Divine Energetic Being. When you shift these negative patterns and embrace your Soul Essence through Multi-Dimensional Healing and Positive Action, you can open yourself up to a whole new level of Consciousness. Creating more flow, ease, joy, love and abundance and be your greatest achievement. You can shift the whole dynamic of your life and discover a reality you never dreamed of, if you choose to. Embrace who you are at Soul level, bring your Soul Essence into the physical dimension and break free from the cocoon of Lack and Resistance that holds onto you, if you truly want to become the Extraordinary Divine Being you are. 

What sort of information is needed for a reading?

Before a reading can commence, specific information needs to be supplied in order to gain access to the Akashic record of the individual soul requesting the reading. This information consists of the Name, date of birth and place of birth. With this information, it is possible to locate the individual in the Akashic Records, without the confusion of another's Soul. This way, you can guarantee the information channeled is accurate and directly for the person requesting the reading.

Because of the nature of this type of work requires the information to be channeled, the information is needed a few days before the actual reading with the client takes place. This ensures that all relevant information is received and delivered to the client in an accurate and organised way.

The Information that is supplied to Divine Blueprints for the purpose of a Soul Alignment reading is kept confidential at all times.

Why is type of Soul reading different?

A Soul Alignment Reading looks at the negative choices made, trauma, limiting belief systems and other negative agreements that have been made by individual Souls throughout the present and past lifetimes. Because there is no linear time in the records, the Souls information from Origination can be compared to the Souls present incarnation and also the negative past life patterns that are present. Knowing when a negative pattern has been created allows the clearing work to remove these patterns at root choice, or when they were made, making the work a lot more effective than just trying to remove the patterns and restrictions experienced from this lifetime only. 

A bit like pulling out a weed, if you only pull the leaves, the roots are still there and the weed will eventually grow back again. You need to pull out the weed from the roots to remove the plant altogether.

Soul Alignment Sessions include additional resources that are personalised for the clients to assist them in this process.

Can anyone access my Akashic Record?

No. Absolutely not.

You are always connected to your Akashic Record, through the connection with your higher self and Soul, but no-one else can access you Akashic Record without your permission.

This is why when you request a reading, you supply your details needed, I also need permission from your Higher Self or Soul too.

Sometimes, the Soul will not grant access, either because of blocks to Truth or other factors and this means the correct information cannot be channeled and the reading cannot be given at that particular time.

In all my years of doing this work, it has only been a rare occasion that this will happen.

When it does, the channeling stops and the reading will not go ahead. The client will be advised and if they wish to, they can try another time.

No random person can access your Akashic Records, without your permission, no-one can go and change information or mess with your individual records, its just not possible.