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Divine Blueprints offers a range of Services and Programs as well as Sacred Soul Seminars to the public through in-person or remotely via video link. Our service delivery structures are designed to allow more people more access to the programs we offer.

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1:​​1 Soul Alignment Sessions  $300   On Special $200

Our Signature Soul Alignment Session

The 1:1 Soul Alignment sessions are powerful, enlightening, and transformative and will give you the Soul Knowledge needed to shift your consciousness, positively aligning yourself with your True Soul Essence through choice. .

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Step into Your Divinity Program  $900  NOW $600

 Our most popular 4-week Group program

This program is a bold, intensive modality and can fast-track you to stepping into your Divinity as the Divine Energetic Being you are meant to be. We will teach to how to harness the powerful transformative knowledge of your soul to create a life full of power and purpose allowing you to step into a whole new level of consciousness.

Think of it as the 1:1 session on steroids!

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Divine Goddess Alignment Program  $700 On Special $500

Awaken the Divine Feminine energy that resides within you. Heal the Sacral Chakra (womb chakra) and harness the Divine Feminine creative qualities to transform and awaken the Divine Goddess that is sleeping inside you.

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Divine Energy Healing Circles

Group Energy Healing Sessions

Divine Energy Healing Circles provide individuals a deep connection to the collective healing vibrations of these sessions. The focus is on healing the Mind, and Spirit through the chakra system and auric field. 

Please follow event updates on the Divine Energy Healing Circles on our Facebook page, facebook.com/divineblueprints

These sessions are delivered remotely via video link.

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Divine Sacred Womens' Circles

Divine Sacred Women’s Circles provide Women of all ages, a deep connection to the ancient tradition of coming together to support, nurture, and power and hold one another in a sacred space. They provide a safe space for women to come together, to use their voices, to be truly seen and heard. They offer an empowering, nurturing community and a sacred space of trust, love, and connectedness.

Please follow event updates on the Divine Women’s Circles on our Facebook page, facebook.com/divineblueprints

These sessions are delivered remotely via video link and in local in-person group settings.

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