Divine Blueprints

Step into Your Divinity 4 week Program

This program is a bold, intensive modality and fast-track you to stepping into your Divinity as the Divine Energetic Being you are meant to be. We will teach to how to harness the powerful transformative knowledge of your soul to create a life full of power and purpose allowing you to step into a whole new level of consciousness.

Think of it as the 1:1 session on steroids!

This 4-week program will not only give you all the benefits of a soul alignment session, but also guide you into living your most extraordinary life. Over the 4 weeks, together we will –

• Gain an understanding of the multi-dimensional healing and why it is necessary to achieve full alignment.

• Discover your Soul Origin, Soul Traits and how they can be incorporated into your daily life.

• Uncover your Soul Vibration level and discover ways to increase it.

• Help you recognise and purge limiting beliefs, blocks, restrictions so that these can be acknowledged and shifted from your consciousness.

• Help you understand the Negative Karma you are holding onto and release these patterns forever.

• Help you dissolve old Soul contracts, Negative intentions, Vows and Bargains that hold you in a recurring state of resistance and lack.

• Learn how to integrate the powerful transformative soul knowledge to create a life full of power and purpose, that is uniquely yours.

• How to recognise your Negative Polarities and address them with actionable steps, if you are shifting back

• Discover how to work in Alignment with your Soul traits to synchronise your consciousness with the divine rhythm of the universe.

This program is designed to teach you how to harness the transformative knowledge of your Soul essence so that you can easily and consciously shift the whole dynamic of your life and discover a new way of living. This work is not for the faint of heart, it is bold, sometimes intense but it will change your life for the better, if you really want it to.

What’s Included-

• Soul Alignment Session – 1 hr session to deliver information received and to go through all aspects of the Soul Story

• Weekly group sessions – Dig deep into the knowledge of the Soul Alignment with 8 group sessions over 4 weeks

• Soul Alignment Activation Meditation

• A personalised Energy Transmutation Meditation to anchor the changes into the subconscious and other resources as required including recordings of all sessions sent to you via email

• Private Facebook Group to join for all group members

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